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Where To Buy Reuben


Fruit will be found on the High Street in most supermarkets this season including the following:

  • Marks and Spencer
  • Asda
  • Waitrose

Wholesale Plants

Reuben blackberry plants are available in commercial volumes from Hargreaves Plants:

Tel: 01406 366300

Fax: 01406 366321 

Home Garden Market

Home garden plants can be bought directly from:

Garden Bargains - www.bit.ly/reubengardenbargains

Marshalls Seeds - www.bit.ly/reubenmarshalls

Mr Fothergills - www.bit.ly/reubenmrfothergills

Pomona Fruits - www.bit.ly/reubenpomona

Thompson & Morgan - www.bit.ly/reubentandm

If you are interested in a licence for Reuben blackberry please contact Sue Williams as follows:

Tel: 01406 366300

Email: sue@hargreavesplants.com